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Assertiveness Test - Trainer Notes

Delegates work on their own. Instruct people to answer questions as best they can and explain that there are no right or wrong answers. Issue the questionnaire with the answer column blank. Ask delegates to use a colour code system to colour the statement that best describes them. Suggested colours are Q1 Red, Q2 Green, Q3 Yellow.

Agg = aggressive
Ass = assertive
Sub = submissive

When the questionnaire has been completed by all you tell them the behaviour that relates to each colour and then continue your discussion and facilitation about assertive behaviour.


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".. one simple game contained in it practically all the lessons that one needed about teamwork, involvement, mutuality of respect, the ability to recognise contributions, no matter where they come from, the importance of multiple skills, and the need to stay together, and produce a solution which was good enough"

Sir John Harvey-Jones
Learning the Team Lesson

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