About Syd Strike Training Solutions

Syd Strike Training Company is a well-established training provider, delivering unique and effective solutions in management and staff development since 1990.

Starting his career at ICI, Syd used his experience, creativity and personality to develop his unique brand of creative solutions - fun, intriguing and with real results on business performance.

Heading a team of skills trainers Syd believes passionately that the development of people is key to corporate success. Although many training programmes embrace the necessary skills and knowledge the one vital link is motivation. This critical element of training and development should be woven into all skills and knowledge programmes.

Unique Solutions

Syd Strike Training Solutions offer bespoke training packages to work around your needs. Whether it is a half day on time management for two or a hundred delegate seminar on motivation, we will provide cost-effective training solutions that deliver outstanding results, every time. We will provide training resources, manuals and materials specially designed to meet your needs. Why not contact us and see how we can provide your business with first class training solutions?

Delivering Results

Syd Strike Training Solutions has developed numerous courses, seminars and resources and creative solutions for a wide range of businesses in the UK, Ireland and overseas including multi-national organisations, Government organisations and family businesses.  Motivation and ownership are woven into all of our training solutions. Change of behaviour is the encouraging outcome and delegates leave our events with enthusiasm to participate in applying the learning in the workplace.
Making the Difference

We offer genuine good value solutions including training, coaching, consultation and resources, guaranteed to make a difference to your business. Our delivery style, the flexibility of the learning and the sense of ownership delegates experience ensure positive and measurable results are transferred to the workplace. We tailor make our solutions to suit your business, offering flexible times and durations and providing on-site training.

The end result … Releasing the potential of your people

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