Do your customers always enjoy the best
customer service from all of your employees?

We invite you to send your people on a superb, highly effective short course on


This event is so different from anything else you have ever experienced.  You will be able to send your team members along knowing that they will learn key customer service skills and appreciate the benefits of providing excellent customer service. 

If you want your employees to TAKE OWNERSHIP ...

send them on this course which will include the following topics:

  • Motivational Session – 10 reasons to be motivated for customer service
  • Positive Thinking Session – How to use positive thinking for company and personal success
  • Skills Session – 7 key skills for providing excellent customer service
  • Complaints Session – How to turn complaints into sales
  • Customer service – A reminder of the five basic principles
  • Retention - How to keep the momentum for yourself and those working with you

This is GOOD NEWS and it gets better

Your employees will take ownership of customer service

A theme of ownership, and personal satisfaction and reward will be woven into the programme. Delegates will leave the event feeling challenged, encouraged and confident. In addition they will appreciate the many benefits of living and working to serve with excellence.


Bespoke Training Courses

The above course outline is provided as a sample. We tailor all our courses to suit your company's individual needs

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Positive thinking is about more than the thoughts that you have. It is an entire approach to life. It means focusing on the positives in any situation rather than the negatives. It means thinking well of yourself rather than constantly putting yourself down. It means thinking well of others, dealing with them in a positive way. It means expecting the best from the world, trusting it will provide.


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