Leadership and Management Training Activity

Understanding the difference between LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT

Break your group into small groups and ask them to use their smart phones or computers to explore what people say about leadership and management and to prepare a short presentation to share a few bullet points. Allow around twenty minutes before asking delegates to share the findings.

When each team has finished sharing then you as trainer share your thoughts on the subject and any preference or style that relates to your company or organisation.

One example may be Dr Stephen Coveys view …

There was a time when leadership and management were very much seen as the  same function.
Today there are hundreds of definitions of leadership and management, so take your choice.
This is Stephen Covey’s distinction…
In his book, Principle Centred Leadership, Covey suggested that leadership is about people and management is about processes.
Think of management about things that need to be controlled, processes, finance, quality etc and people as release, releasing the potential of your people.

Management - Control
Leadership – Release
Try to avoid controlling and micro managing your people and work towards empowering them.
Strive to keep control of finance, quality, processes, safety etc.

Show the key message on a slide or flip chart …

Balance your manager and leader role appropriately





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".. one simple game contained in it practically all the lessons that one needed about teamwork, involvement, mutuality of respect, the ability to recognise contributions, no matter where they come from, the importance of multiple skills, and the need to stay together, and produce a solution which was good enough"

Sir John Harvey-Jones
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