The HR Collection - Introduction to Human Resources

Designed to help HR assistants, administrators and managers who would like to work more closely with the HR functions. You will learn how to be effective when dealing with HR issues, recruitment, discipline, grievance, appraisal, training etc, and to ensure HR administration is correct and effective? The course is designed to help managers and HR professionals work as efficient teams.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding the role of Human Resources
  • An insight into employment law
  • An understanding of the importance of documentation and records
  • An understanding of terms and conditions, work and family, and dispute resolution
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How to access appropriate support for your role
  • How to be effective when arranging various HR meetings, eg recruitment, discipline, grievance, appraisal, training etc
  • How to ensure HR administration is correct and effective

You may choose from a range of delivery options including:

  • Three day advanced workshops and courses with opportunity to learn and practice new skills
  • One day course with the opportunity to discuss new ideas and learn new techniques
  • Golden Nugget sessions (2 hours) packed with tips and ideas – ideal for busy, experienced managers who wish to update their knowledge and skills
  • A course tailored to your business requirements, day or night, short or long – tell us what you need

We will tailor your course to your company needs and budget AND We also deliver open courses – watch out for our fliers

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