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8 Options for you to choose from or mix and match

We tailor all of our team building events to our clients’ needs.  We will design and deliver you a team building event to suit your needs and your budget. The following options are given as a guide.  You may choose to select elements from each option and of course we will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

Option 1 - Facilitating

The facilitating programme is designed to assist teams to implement positive changes through discussion, understanding and facilitation.  The event may begin with a general aim without structure, where the facilitator draws information from the group and guides the group into a process of identifying issues, understanding all viewpoints, exploring solutions and action planning.  Alternatively the facilitator may guide the group through a pre determined change model.  This type of event is often provided for teams going through change and senior management teams looking to refocus their direction.  The duration of such an event is flexible depending upon the objectives.  Off site events are usually extremely effective.

Option 2 - Cooperation

This programme is designed to bring different departments, or different sections of one department together to improve efficiency and cooperation.  This event involves a process of listening by all participants.  A typical activity may be for each section to break into groups and discuss ‘what the group can do to help other groups perform better’ e.g. if Accounts Department achieve deadlines this assists the Human Resources Department to process changes etc. The facilitator guides the groups to some honest and positive discussion   culminating in action planning and personal commitment to change. The event may involve team building activities followed by review sessions, to facilitate understanding of team working and to highlight issues and concerns, as well as adding the element of enjoyment.

Option 3 - Team Bonding

This event is usually a fun event where delegates participate in team activities that involve team bonding, understanding how teams work, relating the learning to work and action planning.  Activities may include discussion groups, case studies, questionnaires, table top activities, gentle indoor and outdoor activities or the more adventurous outdoor activities.

Option 4 - Motivation Events

These events are highly effective where morale and motivation has dropped.  The trainer delivers a fun packed morning where delegates enjoy team building activities and are also encouraged to consider many aspects of team working and motivation, giving regard to management responsibility and their responsibility.  In the afternoon the trainer facilitates a session where delegates are encouraged to raise issues that they find de motivating discuss these and make plans to deal positively with them back at work.  The company makes a commitment to investigate and respond to every issue raised.  Where solutions can be implemented then management do so and where there are no immediate solutions employees are given an honest response and explanation.  This technique is proven and motivation levels have been measured showing significant increase.

Option 5 - Team Roles

This type of event gives team members opportunity to explore their roles within the team and the implications of each role, positive and otherwise to the success of the team, culminating in action planning.  You have the option of working with traditional tools such as Belbin and Myers Briggs or you may wish to work with our own team role questionnaires and tools.

Option 6 - Away Day

This option is offered as a vehicle for rewarding employees and creating opportunities to bring whole teams together for motivational purposes.  There are numerous options available.  Please ask for our away day brochure.

Option 7 - Outdoor Events

We can put on an outdoor event at an approved centre or bring some gentle outdoor excitement to your company premises or a local hotel.  The aims, objectives and outcomes mentioned above are all available to you and your team as part of an outdoor programme.

Option 8 - Festive Team Building

Take any aspect of the above samples and include in your festive event.  We guarantee to add lots of FUN, NOISE, and FESTIVITY with as much or as little of the learning and facilitating element as you require.  You choose how much ‘serious stuff’ and how much ‘team reward’ to put into the event.  We will provide the activities, and the training, and if you wish we will also arrange the catering.

Course Fees

Your investment starts at £500 depending on the bespoke programme we design. 
However, the initial consultation and the design of your programme is FREE.

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