Who said Selection Interviews are a lottery?

Well many people believe this is the case.

You can improve your selection interview process by giving your interviewers ‘up to date’ effective interview skills.

You can learn how to interview confidently, know when candidates are not telling the truth, know how to identify the best candidates and make an objective decision.

Invest in a course that is fast moving and packed with ideas to help you to:

•  Choose the right person for your job
•  Learn how to interview effectively when using behavioural competencies
•  Attract the right candidates
•  Screen applications effectively
•  Use preparation time to your best advantage
•  Know you will be asking the appropriate questions to get you the facts
•  Know how to determine if candidates are telling the truth
•  Know that you will be working within the law
•  Make the best objective assessment

How to manage an effective selection interview

The course is designed to assist and equip busy managers who will enjoy the benefits of receiving dozens of tips and techniques to help you to conduct a professional selection interview.

What will the course cover?

The course will include:

•  Preparation including using an interview plan for effectiveness and legal selection
•  Assessing candidates
•  Selection interview skills
•  Short listing
•  Screening
•  How to write and use an effective person specification
•  Reading application forms and CV
•  How to select within the law
•  Writing an interview plan
•  Alternative selection tools
•  How to improve the effectiveness of an interview
•  Reading body language
•  Questioning skills – professional probing
•  Situational questioning skills
•  Listening skills
•  How to get the information you require and reduce the waffle
•  Assessing candidates

When you attend we will give you templates of a person specification, interview plan, assessment guide and a competency dictionary of questions – questions to ask covering a wide range of topics - We will show you how to use the questions skillfully.

You may choose from a range of delivery options including:

•  Three day advanced workshops and courses with opportunity to learn and practise new skills
•  One day course with the opportunity to discuss new ideas and learn new techniques
•  Golden Nugget sessions (2 hours) packed with tips and ideas – ideal for busy, experienced managers/professionals who wish to update their knowledge and skills
•  A course tailored to your business requirements, day or night, short or long – tell us what you need

We will tailor your course to your company needs and budget AND

We also deliver open courses – watch out for our fliers.


"Several of our team have attended Syd Strike’s Selection Interview Skills sessions and we have found that the content and style is just perfect, equipping our interviewers with new skills and answering many searching questions.”
Sarah Flynn, HR Business Partner, Charteris PLC


Bespoke Training Courses

The above course outline is provided as a sample. We tailor all our courses to suit your company's individual needs

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