The Power of Positive Thinking


Change the way you think and you change the way you live and work

Are you a positive thinker?Ask people at work what they talk about in the staff canteen. Many many times they will say they talk about work, managers and colleagues. And they will admit that most of the discussion is negative.

Managers send their employees on all kinds of training courses such as technical courses, safety, presentation skills etc and of course these are all important and have their place. However, if when they return to work they still feel negative about their job, or their boss, then this negativity will affect them in their work and could negate all of the benefits of the training they received.

We all need to think and behave positively if our business and our personal lives are to be successful and rewarding.

So come on – invest in a short event and create a buzz in your organisation.

During your positive thinking event you and your team will learn how to:

•  Appreciate how the way you think makes you who you are
•  Take responsibility for your life and actions by changing the way you respond to events in your life
•  Improve your self esteem
•  Be a big thinker and achieve more
•  Become more confident
•  Become more motivated and learn how to motivate others

As well as dozens of ideas to

•  Become more positive and enjoy life and work more
•  Enjoy the benefits and rewards of being an optimist
•  Overcome moments of anger where you say things that you regret
•  Set goals and achieve them
•  Handle negative people in a constructive way
•  Get others working with you to help you achieve your goals
•  Realise your potential – we are all capable of more
•  Make time for the things that are important in your life

If positive thinking leads to positive words, then positive words lead to positive actions and positive actions become a habit and bring success. It is believed that we think around 80,000 thoughts a day and we repeat about 80% of these thoughts the following day. Positive thinking therefore must surely be essential if we are to remain focused and successful.

What our delegates say:

•  Positive, well presented in a fun manner
•  I thought the course was informative and the right length of time
•  Excellent communicator and uplifting
•  I enjoyed the morning - there were a variety of activities that kept everybody focussed
•  Good lively course - well done Syd
•  Good lively session - good to see everyone enjoying and participating
•  All employees should attend
•  Fab session - enjoyable
•  Will be able to put what I have been taught into practice

What our customers say:

"I was particularly impressed with how Syd delivered positive thinking and the impact it had on the team, he provided excellent tools and mechanisms to help staff, keeping them positive and helping them have the confidence to apply for positions."
Maxine Elstob, Operations & Development Manager, NHS Commercial Support Unit North East

"Thanks very much for an enjoyable morning"
Lynne Milne, Tyne Metropolitan College

Who should attend this event?

Everyone – including the boss! 

We deliver this event for large and small groups and as one to one sessions

Sessions may be from short two hour seminars to one day workshops and courses – we tailor the event to your needs.

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Lead from behind

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership

Nelson Mandela

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