A frustrated Managing Director

A frustrated managing director made regular visits to the railway station near his office each lunch hour.  An intrigued onlooker asked him why he would wish to spend his lunch hour at a railway station.  The frustrated MD replied “It does me good to see something move without me having to push it”


“If you keep on doing what you always do, you will keep on getting what you always get”

Would you like to make dynamic changes to your business and the people who help you run your business?

Invest three hours in our fast moving, dynamic Managing Strategic Change course and you will leave buzzing with ideas that you will want to implement immediately on your return to work.

•  Are your senior managers delivering what you want them to deliver?
•  Do you feel that you have to drive the business yourself?
•  Do you know about the hidden talent in your organisation?
•  Are your managers focussed and strategic?

Many businesses suffer because somehow people at all levels seem to lose their drive. Good people have been moved into roles that didn’t fit their talents.  In order to redress this situation, well meaning managers make diplomatic moves by creating new roles to compensate for those who are not performing.  What usually happens is that this creates conflict and the people who were expected to be champions become victims and failures.  The company organisation chart takes twists and turns with a plethora of dotted lines and reporting lines become blurred and confused.  Add to this dissatisfaction due to poor performing managers and morale drops, along with productivity and profits.

What you will learn:

•  Ideas for shaping up the management team
•  Ideas to get managers and their teams focussed on achievement
•  Every manager is a special shape – how to put the right person in the right slot
•  Building the job around the person
•  How to gain success through strategic change
•  Winning the hearts of the people
•  How to manage motivation
•  Making the propaganda machine work
•  Thinking big is contagious
•  Finding the champions in your organisation
•  How to get people thinking like winners
•  Three types of people – leaders, supporters and saboteurs – how to deal with them

All of this in 3 hours packed with learning and a sprinkling of fun and intrigue.

Who should attend?....

This seminar is designed for managers at all levels ...
•   Managing Directors
•   Directors
•   Senior Managers
•   Team Leaders

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".. one simple game contained in it practically all the lessons that one needed about teamwork, involvement, mutuality of respect, the ability to recognise contributions, no matter where they come from, the importance of multiple skills, and the need to stay together, and produce a solution which was good enough"

Sir John Harvey-Jones
Learning the Team Lesson

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