HR for non HR Managers

Do your line managers know the essentials of human resources and employment law?

Would you like to avoid costly mistakes by equipping them with essential knowledge and understanding that will help them to manage effectively and avoid employment law pitfalls?

Would you like to create greater understanding, cooperation and partnership with your HR and management teams?

This course is designed for managers who would benefit by understanding the fundamentals of human resource management and by learning how to be more effective managers as they work in partnership with their HR colleagues.

What you will learn:

The implications of employment law – how this affects your role as a manager
How to manage effectively with an appropriate balance of meeting the needs of the job and working within the law
Pitfalls to avoid
How to work in partnership with the Human Resources Department and enjoy the benefits of knowing that HR is supporting you in the way you need supporting
How to use documentation as a tool for effective management
Learn the basic codes of practice in recruitment, terms and conditions, discipline, grievance and redundancy

You will also have an opportunity to discuss issues that you are facing and explore positive solutions.

Why you should attend this course?

You will have a better understanding of how you can work in partnership with human resources personnel in order to manage effectively and within the law
You will be better equipped to build high performing and motivated teams
You will know how to avoid making costly mistakes that can impact on your company and on your career
Attending this course will give you knowledge that will help you further your management career
This course has a value of 6 CPD hours (Institute of CPD)

Who should attend?

You - if you are a manager who would like to improve your management skills by having a better understanding of the role of HR and employment law.

Our range of HR training for non-HR managers includes:

Two day course covering a wide range of HR and employment legislation topics including terms and conditions, recruitment, work and family, dispute resolution, appraisals etc. 
•  One day course to cover the key issue relating to HR and employment law affecting line managers
Golden Nugget sessions (2 hours) packed with tips and ideas to get managers started or top up on existing knowledge

We will tailor your course to your company needs and budget.


Bespoke Training Courses

The above course outline is provided as a sample. We tailor all our courses to suit your company's individual needs

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