Are your managers getting the results your business needs?

What you need is: High Performing Managers

This requires commitment to performance, training and development right at the top of your organisation. Your senior managers and your junior managers need to be dedicated to your cause and be passionate about people as well as understanding the importance of performance and profit.

Invest in our two day High Performing Manager training seminar and you will return to work buzzing with ideas and plans to transform your workplace and significantly improve performance and morale.

Five good reasons for attending the seminar:

1. You will receive practical ideas and techniques for achieving outstanding results in your workplace
2. You will be able to explore techniques for developing high performing teams
3. You will learn how to deal effectively with difficult situations that arise in your area of work
4. You will be able to explore leadership styles and techniques that are relevant and applicable to the twenty first century
5. The seminar will help you deal effectively when managing diversity in your workplace

The benefits of attending the seminar:

•  You will be able to apply what you learn in your workplace immediately
•  You will be able to cascade the techniques and ideas to your managers and first line managers, gaining amazing extra value for your investment
•  When the techniques are applied you will see visible results in the motivation and performance of your teams
•  You will be more aware of your leadership style and able to make positive, practical adjustment

What you will learn:

•  Twenty first century leadership techniques for a modern world of work
•  Focussed leadership – focussing on results –the small margin that makes the difference
•  How to empower staff and enjoy working with satisfied team members who give you loyalty and support
•  How to coach your teams to be results focussed
•  Managing change positively with the support from your teams and from the management team
•  Motivation skills and techniques and how to build a motivated team
•  Effective communication and how to build effective communication systems in your workplace
•  Emotional intelligence and soft skills to help you create harmony in your teams
•  Leadership styles – in particular – yours – and how to develop your style to achieve outstanding results from your team
•  How to deal effectively with difficult people
•  Understanding diversity and how to develop your manager and supervisors/team leaders in diversity awareness
•  How to build high performing teams
•  Managing performance including how to encourage high performers and deal effectively with poor performers

Who should attend?

You should attend if you are a senior manager or human resources manager, managing director or company owner. Why not bring some of your management team with you and learn and work together to create a positive, successful business where everyone pulls together and achieves?


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