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Do you want your managers to be trained or do you want them to get results?

The Syd Strike Management Academy offers you personal support. You have a personal coach and mentor and we work with you over a set period to help you achieve real performance and motivation results where you work. Your programme is designed to meet your exact needs.

If you are a manager and you are keen to get impressive results and improve your career prospects and management courses don’t seem to work for you, then you may benefit from joining the Syd Strike Management Academy.

No doubt you will be very aware that training managers is not always the answer to most of the people and performance problems in your company.

However our customers know that investing wisely in people development during the difficult times is the only wise action to take. Consider the following:

•  Two thirds of employees do not trust their senior management
•  Senior managers do not necessarily cause this
•  Middle and junior managers are often responsible for low morale
•  Low morale in turn creates bad climate and standards drop
•  The results are manifested in mistakes, poor customer service, drop in performance and reduced profits
•  The rot sets in and it becomes difficult to gain control

It especially difficult to stop the rot because when mistrust is present, staff feel that they can not
trust the people in your company who try to raise morale and managers and supervisors become defensive.

That’s where we have been able to make a difference. We don’t just offer training, we provide solutions for our customers. These solutions are tailored to your needs and include quick wins as well as long term solutions.

Training is often the right tool, but not always. You will already appreciate that many managers attend good management development courses and then go back to work and continue doing what they have always done.

The Syd Strike Management Academy offers you personal support. You have a personal coach and mentor and we work with you over a set period to help you achieve real performance and motivation results where you work. Your programme is designed to meet your exact needs.

Some of our success stories:

When change isn’t working

A manager who had introduced changes to her team and the team managers and supervisors were not supporting the new structure and changes, resulting in ‘in team’ fighting, dropping standards and failures in the business. Our consultant worked with the manager to deal with the problem and provided support to the manager. The programme of success on this occasion included:

•  Coaching the manager
•  Facilitation session for the team managers and supervisors
•  Surveying staff for feedback about the management team
•  Implementing positive changes
•  Implementing an internal training programme
•  Dealing positively with individual manager and supervisor concerns
•  Raising motivation and performance

In this situation our consultant worked with the manager and her team managers and supervisors to achieve a successful outcome.

Performance issues

A manager who despite all efforts was not able to reach targets and improve performance. Subsequently he was under extreme pressure from his line manager to make improvements and was directed to Syd Strike Training for support. Our programme of support included:

•  Coaching the manager and assessing the root cause of the problems
•  Coaching the manager to implement effective support and performance management tools
•  Improving the performance management system and documentation
•  Designing tools to measure performance
•  Coaching managers and team leaders to deal effectively with poor performers
•  Improved communication and team involvement through team meetings and one to ones

In this situation our consultant worked with the manager facilitating ideas and coaching in skills development, empowering the manager to deal effectively with his own problems and make improvements in the team.

People skills

This situation was about a manager who was extremely good at his job but somehow had a knack of upsetting people and creating problems for himself and the company. In this instance all of the sessions were delivered off site and our consultant didn’t get involved ‘in company’. We provided the manager with one to one help in soft skills and emotional intelligence using real scenarios that had occurred at work and potential conflict situations as the subjects for the coaching. This problem was quickly resolved and was amazingly inexpensive. The manager is now doing really well and using his new found skills to keep morale and performance high.

Managing change

One manager asked us to help her with ideas for implementing a change programme that she knew would be difficult and where she had concerns that her direct style of management may be counterproductive to what she wanted to achieve. Our solutions included:

•  Constant help and support to the manager – several coaching sessions and many telephone conversations
•  Manager and team leader facilitation session
•  Staff involvement in managing the changes
•  Identifying management training needs to keep staff motivated during and after the implentation of change
•  Training sessions and discussion and support for the manager’s immediate reports (junior managers)

This situation involved us providing a great deal of support for the manager and her direct reports. If that’s what it takes it is worth the investment.

Personal development

You don’t have to have a problem to enjoy the benefits of the Syd Strike Manager Academy. You can use the Academy as a vehicle for your professional personal development. Why is this different to training?

•  You enjoy learning all the same subjects you would learn on a course or at college
•  You receive one to one help
•  Our consultant will work with you on real  issues that are occurring in your workplace
•  If you wish our consultant will work with you and your team in the workplace
•  You enjoy complete confidentiality

What does the Academy do?

•  You have an assigned and experienced consultant as your coach and mentor
•  We help you identify your needs, determine clear workable objectives and help you produce a flexible action plan
•  You are guaranteed a minimum of 3 coaching session a month during your programme
•  Your consultant will (if desired) work with you and your team in your company
•  You will have access to management tools and behavioural assessment tools to help you make effective adjustments to your management style
•  You will be given support in all areas of management and leadership such as leading, motivating, recruiting , performance management etc
•  You will receive on line support and constant access to your consultant

What will membership of the Academy cost?

You agree to a programme, typically covering seven months, although the duration will be dependent upon your needs. Your fee is £1000 + vat per month paid monthly.

What happens if I wish to leave the academy?

You may leave the Academy any time you wish without penalties and you simply stop paying the fee.

Enjoy the benefits:

•  Management training and support that is personalised to your needs
•  Leadership support that is taken right into your workplace
•  Constant help whenever you need it by simply picking up the phone or sending an email
•  You control the budget
•  You will be able to see and measure your improvement
•  Your line manager will see you getting amazing results
•  Your company will benefit from improved performance and motivation

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein

Don’t be insane. Do something different and do it now!

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Most successful leaders will suggest we must lead by example and lead from the front.

Here are a few more thoughts from Rudy Giuliani …

  • Do first things first
  • Surround yourself with great people
  • Have beliefs and communicate them
  • See things for yourself

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